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Yoga express: the postures to realize in 10, 20 and 30 minutes

You chained the days. From waking children to preparing breakfast through the school path, the morning is a military program. Not a single second is wasted. The day, your professional appointments follow one another, the lunch break is between 13h and 13h30 and you do not pick your eyes from your missions. And in the evening, it is the school homework race , the preparation of the dinner and (finally!) The bedtime.

You do not have a single little hour to grant you. However, you would like to relax through a yoga class .

What to do when you have little time to practice Yoga?

The Yoga is always appreciated when time is not counted. But it is always possible to slip a small session into a well-filled schedule. It is still necessary to know which postures to realize, and which order to respect.

Sandrine Bridoux, Yoga teacher also known as @frenchyogagirl on Instagram offers three quick and easy sessions: a 30-minute class allowing you to take the time to perform more than fifteen postures, a sun salutation that can be practiced in 20 minutes and a small session of 10 minutes, just to relax the tensions accumulated in the day or start it on the right foot.

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