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What to replace the butter with? Our alternatives during confinement

On a good sandwich or on pasta … butter, we love it. But gourmands are rarely satisfied with a nut! For the good of its line or in case of shortage, we can refer to delicious alternatives which allow a sacred saving of calories.

Light butter: ideal for replacing butter

Those who display 39 to 41% fat have a caloric intake divided by two (115kcal / 30g) but the taste is still preserved. It is very beneficial for those who monitor their weight! Please note, below 39% fat, it is “light spreadable fat”. This type of product is recommended for butter addicts who find it difficult to reduce their consumption. Good to know: the one with 25% fat only displays 70kcal / 30g… but, there, the flavor is hardly there. What do I do with it? The “demi-beurre” behaves well in cooking, provided it does not raise the temperature too much. As for the “light fat”, it is only used raw. Beware of the “half salt” version which increases, neither seen nor known, the daily sodium quota!

Can we replace butter with margarine?

Made from vegetable fats, it helps prevent cardiovascular disease. But to benefit from this advantage, prefer those based on rapeseed oil, olive, or flax … and forget those that contain palm oil or copra or “hydrogenated fats” which are saturated, therefore harmful. What do I do with it? Raw, in soft cooking or on toast, margarine is used like butter. But there is no point in removing the latter on your sandwiches in the morning if you do not have a proven excess of cholesterol! And calorie side, also know that it’s kif kif: 221kcal / 30g.

How to use peanut butter instead of butter?

It is an interesting (and original!) Alternative, provided you opt for a product made entirely of peanuts. In this case, this American must is less fatty than our butter (180 kcal / 30g) with, in addition, a good balance between all fatty acids, vitamins (E, B9, B3) and as much protein as cheese! Recommended especially for athletes. What do I do with it? Top for cooking delicious pastries and even savory preparations (sauce for skewers for example). Extra also for spreading making sure, of course, to spread it in a thin layer!

Processed cheese: our advice for using it instead of butter

Composed of skim milk (Cancoillotte), cheese (Kiri) or sometimes even butter (Laughing Cow), it is a good source of protein and calcium (around 500mg / 100g). The fat intake is only 20 g / 100 g, which makes it four times less fatty than butter. A boon ! What do I do with it? Here is a gourmet option to tie the soups, lighten the sandwiches or decorate the vegetables and gratins, while offering a more pronounced taste. .

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