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What is this method that allows you to slim down while having fun?

Restrictions, temptations, slippages, frustration … Going on a diet is not easy. At any time, it is possible to crack and succumb to a little sweetness. And if this time you let yourself be tempted by the 80/20 diet, which combines both pleasure and weight loss?

Summer is fast approaching. Your goal: quickly lose a few pounds before the arrival of sunny days. For this, you decide to start a diet. Ketogenic diet , diet Whole 30 , Dash diet , soup diet … In terms of diet, the choice is wide. Although you are ready to do anything to lose weight, you also know that restrictive diets are not for you because you are not going to stick to them. How about the 80/20 diet? Gisèle Bündchen, Kate Moss, Heidi Klum… They all snatched up this diet which allows you to slim down while having fun.

80/20 diet: what is it?
The 80/20 regime takes its name from the law or principle of Pareto, established by the Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto. This law describes a rule according to which approximately 80% of the effects are the product of 20% of the causes. This principle holds true in many areas, such as work, and in this case, as part of a plan. The concept of this diet is simple: juggle balanced dishes and cravings. The idea is therefore to eat healthy 80% of the time and have fun with the remaining 20%, about two meals a week. The concepts of frustration and restriction are here forgotten. The diet is 80/20 is more considered a rebalancing foodthan a diet. The goal by realizing it is to take good eating habits to lose weight without yoyo effect .

80/20 diet: how to eat 80% of the time?
For the 80/20 diet, there is no question of strictly following slimming recipes or counting your calories. It is enough to eat balanced and healthy two thirds of the time. As part of this diet, no food is prohibited or demonized, it is possible to eat everything. Your meals simply need to be made up of proteins , carbohydrates and lipids because all these nutrients are essential for the proper functioning of the body and above all to keep the line . On the menu: fish, eggs, vegetable proteins, whole grains, legumes, fruits and vegetables . It is also important to favor homemade dishes to already prepared dishes, stuffed with sugars and fats.

The remaining 20%: we have fun!
The main objective of the diet: not to deprive yourself. This is why the 20% of the diet, also called “cheat meal” in English and “cheat meal” in French, is made to have fun. During these two meals a week (which can be lunch or snack) everything is allowed: fat , alcohol , sugars . However, be careful not to abuse it and overdo it. You have to have fun but eat reasonable proportions because the goal is not to gain weight . For this, listen to your needs and your body, mainly the concept of satiety. The idea is to provide this wonderful feeling of happiness to your body twice a week so as not to force-feed as soon as you crack.

Adopting the 80/20 diet also means playing sports
Who says diet, also says sport . To lose a few extra pounds, you also need to exercise . By exercising regularly, you will burn calories and get results quickly. And for this diet, it doesn’t matter the sport. You can run , bike , tennis or even swim . The most important thing is that the body is active.

The effects of the 80/20 diet on weight
Although it is possible to make some deviations, this diet allows you to slim down because by adopting a healthy and balanced diet , the amount of manufactured products, quick sugars and fats is considerably reduced on a daily basis. In addition to losing weight, this diet helps stabilize the weight , something difficult to do. It allows it because this diet is quite flexible and focuses more on needs and feelings. Having fun from time to time reduces attacks of compulsion and thus reduces the rebound effect and weight gain .

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