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What is the ketogenic routine?

You may not have heard of the Keto diet! This routine which gives pride of place to lipids has known for a few years a real success. What is it exactly and what are its benefits? We tell you everything.

If we talk today mainly about the benefits of the Keto diet for weight loss, it is important to remember that it has actually been used since the 1920s to relieve the symptoms of epilepsy in children. But it finds its origin much earlier than that, in the mode of feeding of our hunter-gatherer ancestors.

Providing sugars and fats, the Keto diet upsets the codes
Where the ANSES (National Food Safety Agency) recommends 10 to 20% protein, 35% fat, 40 to 45% carbohydrates for an adult, the Keto diet recommends 70 to 90% fat , moderate amounts of protein and low carbohydrate intake. The ketogenic diet will somehow reverse the usual food pyramid! Not only will this new way of eating allow you to lose weight but it will also give a real boost to the body and have a positive impact on sleep disorders, sex life and energy in everyday life.

Why do we lose weight thanks to the Keto diet?
Significantly reducing sugar intake by increasing the proportion of fatty substances in parallel will allow the body to produce ketone bodies, compounds derived from fats, which will replace the energy supply of carbohydrates. The accumulation of these ketone bodies, which therefore become the body’s new fuels, causes what is called a state of ketosis which will lead to a decrease in appetite and self-regulation of the volume of food ingested.

Keto diet: rethinking a new balance
But then how do we do it? There is of course fat and fat, and the goal of the Keto dietis not to encourage the consumption of cheese pizzas or burgers at all meals. It is actually a question of finding a new balance by varying the sources of lipids and reducing the daily glucose intake to 15/25 g. Certain foods are strictly prohibited: bread, sugar, milk, rice, corn, pasta, potatoes, pulses. Meals can therefore be composed of meats, fish, eggs, cheeses but also vegetables, low-sugar fruits, oilseeds but also oils and butter. Of course, it takes a few days to find this new balance, a time that the body also needs to integrate these changes. To facilitate keto-adaptation and support nutrient intakes it can also be very useful to take at the same time adapted food supplements.

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