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Swimming: 8 tips to optimize your session

To avoid “running” too fast while swimming the breaststroke or crawl, our suggestions for creating a custom swim program.

1 / Raise the temperature

Essential, warming up increases body temperature in sometimes cool water, muscle blood flow and range of motion . For an hour session, it should last 15 minutes. It is enough to associate the swimming with very moderate pace: 5 minutes with 50 m of crawl and 25 m on the back; 5 minutes with 25m crawl, 25m on the back and 25m breaststroke; 5 minutes with swimming to choose on 25 m by going a little faster and 50 m at medium speed.

2 / Count in duration and not in distance

It is better to set a goal in swimming time (eg 30 to 40 minutes at the beginning) rather than kilometers to go so as not to get discouraged, especially if you have a weak level. You will have little trouble adding 5 to 10 minutes over the course of the sessions.

3 / To vote alternately

Chaining different swims when you feel like a fish in the water helps to tone different muscle groups, to spend more energy (thus calories), to provide a more intense and longer effort through the recovery of non muscle solicited. The right tempo? 20 minutes for each swim.

4 / Show the program

Week 1, week 2 … Take the time to set a road map that you will try to keep and that you can change over the months to strengthen the duration and content of your sessions. Do not hesitate to seek the advice of a lifeguard.

5 / See double

If you do not practice other sports, spending one hour twice a week guarantees you to improve your breathing, and to gain endurance and muscle mass.

6 / Optimize breaks

With sessions and / or breaks too long, we end up exhausted by stirring anyhow. Better regular, frequent, but short rest periods to leave before the heart goes back to normal values. Example: 10 times 100 m by stopping 15 seconds every 100 m.

7 / Claim the accessory

Impossible to zap board and heavy anti-leg palms when one wants to work his buttocks , refine his silhouette but also fight against a bad venous return. One advances holding the board straight ahead and one swims stretched legs (the movement must leave the hip) with mini-fins which must remain immersed in the water so that the exercise pays.

8 / Follow the advice of a master (swimmer)

This is also true for good swimmers! Taking classes allows you to improve your technique and therefore its performance and the resulting effects, but also to correct yourself and to learn technical exercises to adopt when you already have some control. For example, learning to relax his arm when he returns to the front to give him a micro-recovery after the propulsive movement crawl. This is the “fingers surface” exercise that consists, at the end of each movement under water, to release the shoulder and the arm of the water while keeping his fingers touching the surface.

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