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Starchy diet: everything you need to know to lose weight with this method

Often seen as fattening foods, pasta, rice and other starchy foods are essential for a balanced diet. The starchy diet promises significant weight loss, but is it really a good idea?

What is the role of starchy foods in the diet?
The main nutrient in starchy food is starch . Starch is the molecular form by which plants store their energy. The consumption of starch thus allows our organism to appropriate this energy and to store it, in our turn, in a form which is clean for us: glycogen.

This energy is mainly stored in the muscles , the liver, the brain and other vital organs. It can then be used gradually as the body needs.

Starchy diet: what is it?
If we deprive our organism of starchy foods, we deprive it of starch, therefore of the energy coming from the plants which it is supposed to appropriate to constitute its own reserve of energy in the muscles, the liver, the brain and the other vital organs.

As part of a starchless diet, initially, the old glycogen stores are gradually emptying, without the possibility of replenishing them. Fortunately, the organism is well constituted and has an abundant supply of alternative energy of good quality. This is the fat contained in fatty tissue. This fat can be mobilized in two ways: as a direct source of energy for the consuming organs or as a metabolic intermediary allowing the glycogen reserve to be replenished.

The objective of a starchless diet is therefore to force the body to mobilize the fat contained in its adipose tissues, to lose weight .

Starchy-free diet: the list of prohibited foods
Rather than prohibition, we speak rather of “temporary suspension”. The main foods to avoid in this diet are:

The cereals :

Brown vegetables:

Red beans
White beans
Black beans
We will also pay attention to yellow vegetables (carrots, beets, red pepper…) and starchy fruits ( banana …).

Starchy-free diet: slimming menus
Starchy foods are actually not “replaceable”. However, we can increase the food families that do not disturb the targeted process, namely:

Lean protein

lean dairy products …
The green vegetables

spinach …
Oil seeds, in moderation

Particular attention will be paid to fruits, the composition of which contains sugar. Indeed, too much consumption will tend to disrupt the lipolysis processes (extraction and degradation of fat).

Stop eating starchy foods to lose weight: good or bad idea?
If weight loss in the short term will be noticed, in the long term, this type of diet is not necessarily a good idea, even less for athletes!

After losing weight with a starchless diet, there is a good chance that the person will regain the lost pounds , by resuming a more varied diet …

What are the risks of a starch-free diet?
The human body is designed to adapt and has a very good memory. Suddenly depriving an organism accustomed to the consumption of starchy foods traumatizes it (memory) and stimulates chain reactions (adaptation).

These “adaptation” mechanisms will therefore lead him to anticipate a future deprivation, which means: less easily destock and more easily store.

However, we cannot live indefinitely without starchy food for cultural reasons (starchy food is everywhere, it is one of the bases of our diet, it is inexpensive, it stimulates pleasure circuits, etc.), it is therefore complicated to totally deprive yourself of it in the long term.

After a starchless diet, when you eat it again, you enter a vicious cycle of weight loss / recovery / weight loss / recovery, with losses that are always more difficult and not long-lasting and recoveries that are always higher and faster.

Going on a starchless diet is therefore a bad idea for the line and health!

How to eat starchy foods without getting fat?
If a starchless diet is not a good idea, you can however choose to reduce your consumption to refine your figure . Beginning by returning to a starch consumption adapted to its body size (quantity, frequency), or to that which one wishes to reach (as far as this is reasonable), by proceeding in stages (5 kg slices) .

It is also necessary that this consumption of starchy foods is adapted to its weight history, to its level of physical expenditure … To best determine its consumption and adapt its diet, the consultation of a nutritionist dietitian is recommended. He knows the compositions of the different foods, defines your needs, the appropriate quantities and the best way to organize them over a day (or over a week). Because the starchy food must be integrated into a general dietary balance, bringing together the different families, in very precise proportions.

The advice in addition: give priority to unrefined starchy foods. Rich in fiber, they will have a satiating effect (whole grains or pulses).

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