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Sodas, fruit juice: 7 good reasons to avoid sugary drinks

A new study shows a link between sugary drinks consumption and cancer, but it’s not the only reason to put the soft pedal on our soda cans and other fruit juices! Overview.

They increase the risk of cancer

This is the most recent information: a team of Inserm researchers has just shown that any increase of 100mL of our consumption of sugary drinks was associated with an 18% increase in the risk of cancer (especially cancer of the skin). breast ). To achieve these results, they followed more than 100,000 participants in the study (between 2009 and 2018) and assessed their usual consumption through 24-hour registrations (and not only by the participants’ statements). They also noted that the effects of the consumption of fruit juice 100% juice had the same deleterious effects as other sugary drinks.

They give the “foie gras”

Another study by Inserm, revealed by the Constance cohort, showed that sugary drinks were dangerous for the liver: people who consume more than one can of soda (33cl) have a higher risk of have a fatty liver, the first step towards NASH (non-alcoholic fatty liver disease). ” NASH is an emerging liver disease associated with the world’s obesity and diabetes epidemic, and likely to progress to cirrhosis and liver cancer ,” says Inserm. About 2.6% of French people have advanced liver disease, and it is twice as common in men than in women.

They make you fat

Yes, we have the intuition but the fact is proven: there is a link between consumption of sugary drinks and overweight in 96% of cases, according to the results of studies conducted on 240,000 people in several countries.

They increase the risk of diabetes

This seems obvious, but the consumption of these high-sugar drinks increases the risk of type 2 diabetes by increasing regular, repeated and frequent blood sugar levels .

They cause heart problems

In another study, the effect on the heart was studied: daily consumption of two glasses of sugary drinks, the equivalent of 400 ml (or more), is associated with a 23% increase in risk of heart failure compared to those who drink no soda or fruit juices containing added sugars

They damage the teeth

The contact of the sugar with the teeth, through long consumption, apart from meals, in small sips, is associated with a higher risk of tooth sensitivity .

They increase the risk of kidney stones

It’s more unexpected but yes, drinking a can of soda a day increases the risk of developing kidney stones by 25% .

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