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Smoothies Are Perfect For Athletes!

Nothing better than smoothies as drinks for sportsmen . These drinks help to avoid cramps but especially to get the maximum of energies. Being very vitaminized, the smoothies have a purifying effect in the body. And yes, they are also fat burners. Consisting mainly of fruits and vegetables, they burn calories efficiently and naturally. Pure delight! Smoothies are sipped at any time of the day. And even in the evening, they become fashionable by being a little alcoholic. However, in this form, it must be drunk with moderation.

For athletes , smoothies are only beneficial. They are light and very energizing. Easy to do, and easy to digest. They replace energy drinks usually made of chemicals. Smoothies contribute greatly to recovery after effort. In addition, this drink helps to sleep better and of course to reduce anxiety and stress. Smoothies provide the essential nutrients to fight insomnia and fatigue. They better supply our body with oxygen. The body works better with its virtues.

What are we waiting for?

For the preparation, avoid adding sugar. Indeed, the fruits and vegetables that are the basis of this drink already contain a large amount of sugar. But if you find it necessary to add, take honey or brown sugar. And consume the fee.

smoothie is a drink based on several juices extracted from fruits and vegetables so do not hesitate to empty the fruit basket.

Drink the smoothies all day long. Alternate with water and make sure not to exceed 2.5 liters of water a day.

However, the caloric intake of smoothies does not replace that of three daily meals. However, in case of little hunger do not hesitate to drink a glass of smoothie. In the morning, replace the coffee with a milk shake and accompany it with cereals or other foods rich in starchy foods.

Do not forget herbs such as parsley, mint leaves in our drink. This optimizes the intake of various nutrients.

Separate fruits and vegetables when making smoothies. Either opt for a fruit-based smoothie or take a veggie smoothie. Never both at once.

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