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Running: How to find the ideal pace in running?

Apart from swimming, running is also a complete sport; if it is properly practiced and in good conditions. The running or jogging , can seem to be the easiest sport, but as all the others, it requires a minimum of knowledge. So before you start it is good to take some advice. Start with your pace, your pace and your approach to running! But how to find your rhythm while burning the maximum of calories?

Define his expectations!

Finding the right pace when we run is an essential point to know. Too fast, we run out of steam quickly. Too slow, we burn few calories. It is therefore important to find just the middle. A look that corresponds to both what our body can endure, but also to our expectations.

If we have just started running, in order to lose weight or simply to maintain our body, it is not advisable to run very fast. Even high level athletes train with a moderate pace. What differentiates especially amateur and professional is the distance we travel.

You must therefore before you set your goal. Will you run to lose weight, to stay healthy, to achieve performance, to swallow distance, for fun, etc. There are so many reasons to want to start running!

You need adequate equipment!

Now that you have defined your goal and goal, you need to equip yourself. And yes, it may sound silly, but well equipped when running is very important. Whether for performance or just for your body. So you will need shoes suitable for running (running in boots is complicated!) And we are not talking about simple basketball, but rather of running shoes , with or withoutheating soles for the winter and blood circulation. But also what you hydrate (gourd for example), and finally what to measure your output (in terms of time, kilometers, etc. ..). We go beyond clothes, it seems logical to dress rather light, and even when it is hot!

Even if you run for the sole purpose of relaxing, without necessarily considering the performance, having the minimum equipment is important. For those who want to push the experience further, or simply to be really at the top, before practicing running, we advise you to equip (in addition to the equipment mentioned above) anti-perspirant headband, a reader of music (Mp3, Smartphone), vitamin bars, and heating sole for your running shoes, especially in winter.

A warm up before each running session!

Before any sports training, whether running or otherwise, it is important to do a little warm up.Stretches mainly, and everything about the underside of the belt.

It may seem silly, useless, finally what you want, but to embark on a first run without warming up is the insured cat. What will you disgust the race forever. No matter the distance, the speed, and even the equipment (shoes, soles, clothes etc ..), without warming up before training, you expose yourself to the aches, and other evils, and this for several days according to the session which you have made.

Take 5 minutes to stretch and prepare your body for running!

Start your run slowly!

And yes, start abruptly can discourage you. This is also very dangerous because there is rapid acceleration of our heart rate. On a treadmill, it is very easy to control it with sensors. Free apps for smartphones are now available to help us calculate the average speed when we run.The right pace is not limited to calculate our speed but also the duration of our race. As we train, we progress. Finding your rhythm does not mean that we will stay at this level. On the contrary, it allows us to strengthen our performances little by little while identifying our limits.

When we run, do not forget to breathe to oxygenate our body, especially our brain. Also, controlling your breathing helps to avoid shortness of breath. Exhale longer. As a result, it allows us to extend our efforts. We stop once we are tired.

And if you take a partner during your running?

To maintain a rhythm, speak while running. You are in the right rhythm if you can talk normally while running. At the same time you burn more calories. Moreover, by following its rhythm, you identify what is yours. But for a race, do not change pace.

Try not to stop. Indeed, the more you stop frequently, the faster you get tired. If you feel the need to stop, then prefer simply walk time to catch your breath for example.

The mind is to be considered. Yes, sometimes it is enough to strive a little to know our limits.Positve when you run. Try to outdo yourself instead of convincing yourself that you will not succeed.

Lately, do not forget to accompany your running with bodybuilding sessions but especially to warm up.

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