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Mindfulness Meditation: 3 Guided and Easy Sessions for Beginners

The mindfulness meditation was developed by the American medical professor Jon Kabat-Zinn as a technique that helps people manage stress , anxiety and fight certain diseases. Today, the followers practice it mainly to reach personal fulfillment.

During a session, the idea is not to remain calm, but just to focus on the present moment, on his body and his sensations. Breathing, postures, concentration … When we start, we do not know where to start. Three simple exercises can help you.

Focus on your breathing

Make yourself comfortable. If you do not know which position to adopt, two are available to you: sitting on a cushion, hands on the knees, back straight or on the ground, lying on a carpet, legs apart, arms along the body, palm to the sky.

Then, close your eyes. Inhale through the nose, exhale through the mouth three times. Gradually, lengthen your breaths . Now close your mouth and use only your nostrils to breathe. Pay full attention to the sensations of the air coming in and out. If thoughts cross your mind, let them pass without attaching themselves to it. Allow yourself time to fully meditate before waking your body, moving your fingers, legs, and then opening your eyelids.

Visualize your body

This is one of the easiest exercises. It consists of gradually becoming aware of each part of the body, from one point to another. As for the first session, move to the position of your choice and close your eyes. Breathe deeply and calmly with nose breaths and mouth exhalation.

Start by paying close attention to the top of your head, your hair stuck to the skin of your face and then slowly shift your attention to your eyes, the closed eyelids, your nose moving to the sandstone of your breaths, your mouth then your neck, throat, shoulders. Continue with your spine, the muscles that support your back , your hips, your chest and so on. Finish with your legs, feet and toes. Then, take one last time for your entire body and finally, open your eyes gently.

Pay attention to the sounds

Meditation is not accompanied by absolute silence . On the contrary, this exercise aims to listen and focus on the surrounding sounds. Sit or lie down, close your eyes and focus first on your breathing, your body and the space around you.

Now open your ears. Sweep the environment in which you are: are there squeaks, crunches? What do you mean? Bird noises, the motor of cars, the activity of possible neighbors, words … And inside your body? Just listen, do not ask where the noise comes from. Just, hear it, take it into account and move on to another sound. After going around the noises, concentrate on one: that of your breathing. Stay in focus for a few moments on your inspirations and expirations or get out of the meditation slowly.

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