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How to stay in top form?

Absorbed by the daily routine of life, we sometimes forget to take care of our body. Fatigue, stress begin to invade us. To remedy this, here are some tips to stay in top form:

  • Do not neglect our diet. Let’s eat fresh and prefer fruits and vegetables. And drink! 1.5 to 2.5 liters per day including during our meals. Yes, too much water can eliminate the nutrients we need instead of eliminating only the excesses.
  • Opt for homemade facts instead of snacks or preserves.
  • Let’s stay active! Let’s practice regular sports activities on average 30 minutes a day:jogging , swimming , gymnastics , etc. By staying active, we burn calories continuously.
  • Let’s take breaks at work. Do not sit or stand all day.
  • Let’s walk barefoot! Yes, this practice is only beneficial for our body. Indeed, it improves blood circulation, strengthens the bones and even gives a better posture. Did you know, walking barefoot can even reduce the bad smell of feet.
  • Promote team sports! Yes, it builds relationships with others who share the same passion as you.
  • Varions training. Yes, the routine can become very boring. Moreover, in sport, it is necessary to evolve, to advance our endurance. Anyway, there is no harm in pushing the limits!Obviously, without forcing too much either.
  • Let’s find time for us! Let’s take care of our body. Sauna, massage, or other treatments. Yes, the sport supports our body, but supplements are not to neglect.
  • No time for training? Let’s adapt our daily lives in sports activities. Why not ? Let’s walk to work and even to go home. We will avoid traffic jams and the stress that always comes with it. Let’s get green by the way!
  • Put on fluid clothes that are not too tight.
  • For women, do not put more than 8 inches of heels. Vary our types of shoes. Decollets, sandals or even tennis (if possible) but adapt our feet to any type of shoes.
  • Let’s make sure you do not miss sleep.
  • Sunglasses are not just for style! Let’s put them to protect the eyes from the sun!

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