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How to manage the transition to summer time?

On the night of Saturday March 28 to Sunday March 20, at 2 a.m., it will be 3 a.m. If we lose an hour of sleep , however, we can enjoy longer evenings. But what are the consequences of this time change for seniors? We take stock with Doctor Joëlle Adrien, neurobiologist at Hôtel-Dieu (Paris) and president of INSV *.

Does the time change affect the organization?
The transition to summer time is more difficult for our biological clock to manage , because we have to advance its rhythm. It’s like a jet lag to the west. The body adapts better by going to New York rather than coming back. That said, concerning the elderly, it can be favorable, because with age one becomes very (too?) Early in the morning. This allows you to wake up a little more in tune with the other members of the family!

How to adapt quickly to summer time?
With age, the biological clock is easily disturbed. We therefore avoid changing our one-hour habits all at once, by favoring an adaptation over two days minimum (a difference of 30 minutes per day). The best way to send signals to our body is to be exposed to light (natural, of course), preferably in the morning. In addition, practicing physical activity also helps to better adjust. We therefore recommend the practice of an hour of morning walk for a week. The transition to summer time should not even be felt!

And in the evening, how to promote sleep?
We absolutely avoid screens, which delay the production of melatonin, the hormone that pushes us into the arms of Morpheus. Television, computer, tablet … the ideal is to stop them two hours before going to bed .

Time change: good reflexes
A healthy lifestyle makes it easy to resist the effects of jet lag. Remember to expose yourself to the maximum amount of natural light daily, ideally by practicing physical activity, banish stimulants such as coffee or alcohol and avoid exposure to screens, especially before bed.

Good night, little ones!

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