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Heart rhythm disorders: a simple gesture reduces the risks

In seniors with atrial fibrillation, lowering alcohol consumption could significantly lower the risk of arrhythmia, according to a new study. When are the good resolutions?

New Australian study published in the New England Journal of Medicine, has just proven that it was possible to act simply to significantly reduce your risk of atrial (or atrial) fibrillation. It is a heart rhythm disorder that accelerates the heart and makes it beat irregularly. How? ‘Or’ What ? According to scientists, simply by drinking less alcoholic beverages or – ideally – by completely abstaining. We know the benefits of stopping alcohol consumption, this is one more that could decide us… Indeed, atrial fibrillation mainly affects the elderly population: more than 10% of people over 80 are concerned. And it’s estimated that one in four strokes is secondary to atrial fibrillation. It makes you think…

To reach these conclusions, the researchers followed 140 patients with arrhythmia (mainly men aged 62 on average) in six Australian hospitals, for six months. Half of them became almost abstinent (2 drinks per week), the members of the other group had not reduced their elbow lift and drank about 2 drinks per day (13 per week precisely).

The scientists noted that the patients who (almost) no longer drank had – only after two weeks – already reduced their risk of atrial fibrillation well compared to the control group: 53% of them had had an episode of fibrillation against 73% . They were also less exposed to the occurrence of another episode of heart disorder. These results show that a drop in alcohol consumption has an immediate and long-term positive impact on patients suffering from arrhythmia.

When you know that this disorder is a proven risk factor for stroke and presumed dementia , it should not be taken lightly!

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