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Food, sport: 5 tips to take control, now!

Sort your food

Everything begins with the kitchen: we sort our cupboards and its fridge, we remove the foods harmful to our health, such as industrial products or foods too sweet. They are replaced by basic ingredients that have an interesting nutritional value: coconut milk , almonds and walnuts , honey , aromatic herbs, oatmeal , chestnut flour or sweet potato flour …

Do not deprive yourself and move

It is often thought that to obtain a pretty figure it is necessary to halve the quantities: it is false. Rather than a restrictive diet, which does not work in the long term, one balances and varies one’s diet. Also, by resuming a physical activity , we spend calories , the body needs energy . The goal? Make the right choice of ingredients, enjoy the right foods (choose short circuits, and organic and seasonal products), vary your meals.

Add sport to healthy eating

A recovery in the diet is inseparable from regular physical activity. Even people with little sport can do it: a little, but regularly, enough to get results. Schedule a short but intense session of 20 minutes, every three days, mixing cardio and muscle strengthening and alternating 30 sec. intense, then 30 sec. recovery.

Go at your own pace

The results related to these changes can not be seen in a week, we must project further. Planning a long-term feasible pace and not doing too much from the beginning is the key to succeeding this challenge . Define your program, taking into account your schedule, but also your level and your fitness. We tend to focus on the time of training, but the place is also important: think to define it (at home, at the gym , in group classes …).

For more results, combine two disciplines

Regarding sport, we all have a lot of received ideas . We think that by doing only abdominals , we will draw us beautiful “chocolate bars” … Except that in reality, we do not lose belly by doing only abs : we have to spend more, train more quickly, and mix the sources of energy expenditure. It’s the same with running : to get visible results, you have to combine running with muscular resistance.

Do not put pressure

Deciding on these changes can sometimes be complicated, especially the first few weeks. It is perfectly normal to crack in front of pastries , not to provide the gym session that was planned, to rush on a burger in the restaurant … No way to feel guilty! The bottom line if you fall in love is to come back. Every time you crack and come back to this new lifestyle, you will become stronger, and you will build your self-confidence. You have to know how to let go and come back, stronger!

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