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Food cravings: what if you regulate your appetite with bacteria?

Research has highlighted the role of the intestinal flora in the mechanism of hunger. Certain bacteria help regulate appetite. What if you used them to gradually regain your ideal weight?

Always want to snack? Ever had enough? As a result, you eat more, the extra pounds accumulate and it bothers you. You would like to get rid of this feeling of permanent hunger and regain your weight. Food supplements that naturally help rebalance your metabolism can help you.

In search of good bacteria
Research has highlighted the role of Hafnia alvei HA4597 ,a bacteria naturally present in certain dairy products and in the intestine. It is involved in the appetite regulation mechanism by making a protein which sends signals of satiety to the brain. The brain and the intestine communicate constantly (we talk about the intestine-brain axis), but sometimes this communication is scrambled: stress, illness, taking medication, a sudden change in diet can modify the microbiota (bacteria, fungi, etc. that make up our intestinal flora) and therefore the messages that circulate between these two organs … As a result, our metabolism is disturbed, we are disconnected from its sensations, we have more appetite and tend to eat too much.

Rediscover your feelings
Hafnia alvei HA4597 contributes to weight loss, by rebalancing the microbiota and therefore the metabolism. Thanks to it, the natural signals of satiety are reinforced: we are less hungry, we are satisfied with smaller portions and the desire for sugar and snacking decreases! It is a great ally for losing weight naturally and gradually, without going on a restrictive diet. EnteroSatys ® combines Hafnia alvei HA4597 with Chromium and Zinc, as these two trace elements help to regulate the metabolism of lipids and carbohydrates. All you have to do is listen to yourself, bet on a balanced diet and daily physical activity. Bye bye unwanted curves!

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