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Diet application: what are the best apps to lose weight?

Learn how to manage cravings, reduce snacking, compose balanced meals, and practice regular physical activity, that’s what these apps offer to download for free on your smartphone, right now. Real allies to lose weight and refine your figure in a sustainable way.

Weight loss , desire to refine your upper or lower body , to feel better in your sneakers, to adopt a balanced diet … Whatever your goal , these free applications will help you move forward, modify your rhythm your lifestyle, and to initiate a virtuous circle, to be in top shape, both mentally and physically.

To count calories: The secrets of weight app
Playful, the secrets of weight application, offers a daily dashboard to support the person in their weight loss. Each day, your “authorized” calorie counter, set from your target, appears on your dashboard.

After each meal, you specify what you consumed, and in what quantities. The app then takes care of deducting these calories from your daily “budget”, so that you can consult it at any time. Very useful, when you want to snack , you hesitate to crack in front of a pastry shop, when you have already taken all your meals of the day … At a glance on the dashboard, we know if we can be done this little pleasure or if the maximum number of calories has been reached!

Our opinion: the very girly interface, pleasant and fun to use, as well as the many choices of food offered when adding a meal, which allows to be closer to reality, and to have a precise follow-up over the weeks.

The Secrets of Weight app, free, with the option of purchasing options. Available on IOS and Android.

To lose weight and stay motivated: the My Slimming Coach app
After setting your weight loss goal, you can customize your avatar so that you can identify with it. Then specify the reminders you want on your phone to end your bad habits : think about drinking more water, receive positive messages to stay motivated, do not forget to anticipate the snacks of the day, think about practicing a physical activity , wait 10 minutes before taking a dessert … and here we go, you have your virtual coach on hand to get started and improve your figure .

Calculation of calories, encouragement, advice in case of cravings , diary available, list of your meals: everything is done to help you reach the goal you have set, before summer or simply within a few weeks .

Our opinion: super complete, this application is a real boost for those who want to slim down and lose weight.

My free slimming coach application, with the option of purchasing options. Available on IOS and Android.

To adopt a balanced diet: the Foodvisor app
Take control of your diet , by analyzing your meals with this targeted nutrition application. Foodvisor works like a food journal and helps you make the right choices with meals. It’s simple, just take a picture of your plate, and read the analysis performed by the app. It will detect each food and their quantity, and tell you the number of calories on your plate, and its nutritional composition ( proteins , carbohydrates , lipids, fibers , etc.). At a glance, you will know if your meal is balanced and whether or not it contributes to the weight loss that you have set for yourself.

Our opinion: the application is great for familiarizing yourself with the calories of food, and their nutritional value. Even used from time to time, it allows you to become aware of harmful food associations for the line. Most ? The option to scan the barcode of a food product to obtain its nutritional score in seconds.

Free Foodvisor application, with the option of purchasing options. Available on IOS and Android.

To refine and build muscle, even if you don’t like sport: the 7 Minutes Workout app
7 minutes top chrono: this is the daily time that you can devote to your sports sessions to lose weight effectively. No specific equipment is necessary to perform the many sessions of muscle building exercises and cardio movements offered on the 7 Minutes Workout application . This workout, accessible to all, is a real plus for those who wish to burn calories . Flat stomach, slender legs, toned arms: follow the instructions in the video of the day and do your workout at home, outside, or even at the office, as soon as you have a little free time in your day.

Our opinion: not very constraining to set up, this routine, whose intensity of the exercises increases progressively, allows to observe results quickly on the silhouette. No secret: regularity is the key to success! The notification system is useful to remind you that now is the time to train…

7 Minutes Workout application, free, with the possibility of purchasing options. Available on IOS and Android.

To slim down in 1 month: the 30 Days – Fitness Challenge app
Summer is approaching, your best friend’s wedding is a month away, or are you determined to lose weight and it shows? This application, which offers to take up a sports challenge over 30 days can be your ally! In addition to your usual sports sessions and a balanced diet, this fitness challenge will help you refine from head to toe in just 1 month. Abs , buttocks , legs, each session is an opportunity to work on a specific part of the body.

Our opinion: when launching the application, we can specify which areas of the body we want to focus on (arms, stomach, buttocks or legs), for a targeted training program based on your body type. In addition, three levels are available, to progress at your own pace and go further (beginner, intermediate, advanced).

Application 30 Days – Fitness Challenge, free, with the possibility of purchasing options. Available on IOS and Android.

To manage food cravings and cravings: the RespiRelax app
You manage to plan healthy and balanced meals, you move a little bit every day, enough to lose a few inches and get thinner everywhere, but your weak point is snacking ? Do not panic, this application oriented “stress management”, which is based on the principle of cardiac coherence , will help you to relieve the pressure when the temptation is too great. Focusing and setting your breath on the ball that goes up and down will help you to quell the emotions that you have in you, and that often push you to open the fridge and throw yourself at everything and don’t whatever …

Our opinion: not only does RespiRelax soothe in case of cravings, and reason the mind when you want to crack, as part of a diet , but this application is also perfect for learning how to better manage your stress on a daily basis (the morning before to start your day, just before a somewhat stressful event, at the end of the day at bedtime, etc.). A stress which, precisely, is often one of the factors of weight gain !

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