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Coronavirus: the impressive effect of Covid-19 on the lungs of patients

American scientists have carried out a 3D modeling of lungs damaged by the Covid-19. The images reveal the damage of the virus on lung tissue.

In addition to fever , cough , loss of smell and taste, patients severely affected by the coronavirus may have respiratory problems. Researchers at the Georges-Washington University Hospital in the United States produced a video to show the extent of the damage caused by Covid-19 to the lungs.

This 3D modeling was created from the lung scanner of an American patient suffering from a severe form of the coronavirus . Placed in intensive care, the patient, aged about sixty, had been admitted to another establishment with symptoms of fever, cough and difficulty breathing.

In the images, tissue damaged or destroyed by the virus is highlighted in yellow and green. ” There is a huge contrast between the infected abnormal lung and the adjacent healthy lung tissue. You don’t have to be a doctor to understand these images,” said Keith Mortman chief of thoracic surgery at the university hospital. George-Washington, in a podcast broadcast by the establishment.

Asked by LCI, Bruno Mégarbane, head of resuscitation at the Lariboisière hospital explained what corresponded the parts damaged by the coronavirus : ” It is the alveolar tissue which is damaged. Where is the oxygen exchanger between the outside air and the blood. If it is inflamed or destroyed, the person will lack oxygen. This is the main mechanism of this disease and severe cases . ” Because of the destruction of lung tissue, the most affected patients are therefore placed on respiratory assistance.

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