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Coronavirus and smoking: “smokers and vapers, it is urgent to quit”, find out why

Not only is the respiratory system of smokers more vulnerable to infectious diseases, but the risks of contamination and spread of the Covid-19 virus are higher in smokers and those around them. Explanations.

“Smokers and vapers it is urgent to stop for you and your loved ones” , alerts the National Committee against Tobacco (CNCT). In a press release , the association warns against smoking and vaping during this pandemic period.

During the containment put in place by the French government to deal with the spread of the Covid-19 virus , the risks run when smoking or vaping are multiple.

“It is now clearly demonstrated that smokers are at increased risk of contracting this disease and of developing a serious form ,  specifies the CNCT.

A link between smoking and severe form of the Covid-19 virus

The same goes for the Alliance Against Tobacco, which states that “Smoking increases the risk of developing a severe or very severe form of the disease” .

Based on a recent Chinese study, published in the New England Journal of Medicine , it reveals that a link does exist between smoking and the severe form of the Covid-19 virus. Smokers who are infected with the coronavirus are twice as likely to develop a severe form of the disease as non-smokers, according to figures communicated by the Chinese scientists behind this work.

Smoking: risk of complications, transmission and spread of Covid-19

But the effect of tobacco and vaping does not stop at the risk of complications in a patient infected with the virus, as specified by the World Health Organization (WHO).

The WHO points out that in fact, the fact of holding in your hand a cigarette, electronic or not, which one then carries to his mouth, exposes to risks of contamination of the virus which could be present on the hands of the smoker .

Knowing that the Covid-19 virus is mainly transmitted by the inhalation of contaminated droplets, smokers risk inhaling and spreading more.

Also, sharing a cigarette or a lighter can also increase the risk of spreading germs …

Finally, as smoking weakens the respiratory system, smokers are therefore more vulnerable to the virus and “the risk of contracting an infectious respiratory disease is higher” , specifies the CNCT, which adds that “due to cough linked to smoking, smokers increase the risk of contamination of those around them ”.

Containment is therefore perhaps, for all these reasons, the opportunity for smokers who wish, to stop smoking …

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