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Cold: can we really catch cold?

Winter is fast approaching. And who says first frost, says return of diseases. But is the climate, and especially the cold, really guilty?

Temperatures, which drop from day to day, announce the return of the fat cough , the cold , the flu , the bronchitis or even the angina . When winter draws near, warm bonnets, gloves, scarves and coats are added to avoid getting sick. And yet, cold is not the direct cause of diseases.

“Catch cold”: is it really possible?

This expression comes from the weakening of the body’s immune defenses , allowing viruses to settle and spread. “Catching cold” has no direct link to getting sick. As for the expression “cold blow”, it comes from the fact that rhino-pharyngitis epidemics generally arrive with winter. The cold is not directly responsible for the cold because this disease is transmitted in contact with an individual with another, and not via drafts.

You will understand, the responsible is not the cold: it is rather the fault of bacteria and viruses. Cold air facilitates the installation of these infections by irritating the nasal and bronchial mucous membranes. Confinement or touching contaminated objects promotes the transmission of bacteria that cause disease.

Take out wet hair, it’s risky?

Taking out wet hair, walking barefoot or leaving the window open would be likely to make us catch a cold or flu. Info or intox ? If these habits can make us shudder, they are not supposed to give us a right to flu , because colds are caused by viruses.

How to protect yourself from the cold?

• When it’s cold, layers of clothing should be layered, without overdoing it.

• To prevent heat loss, protect your head, mouth and nose with hats and scarves. Same for the hands and feet.

• The last indication is airing the parts at home. It is essential to renew the air of every room every day, because the respiratory viruses are contagious. Clearly, simply inhaling and breathing can transmit the disease and contaminate you.

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