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Celebrity diet: 3 slimming secrets that you steal from Jennifer Lopez

At almost 50, she still has a dream figure: we are revealing the secrets of Jennifer Lopez’s diet!

It’s hard to believe, it’s true: Jennifer Lopez is almost 50 years old. And on the red carpets, the one who made us dance on On the floor , Jenny from the block and Get right (a “nostalgia” session on Youtube, maybe?) Always displays a figure to die for. How does she maintain her line? We reveal its secrets to you!

Jennifer Lopez, fan of the sugar-free diet

In early January 2019, when the trend was at #DryJanuary (remember: it was a challenge that consisted of not drinking a drop of alcohol for a month), J-Lo, for his part, launched the # 10dayschallenge #NoCarbsNoSugar.

On Instagram, with an extra flat stomach and a smile on our lips, our favorite Jenny from the block invited us to eliminate carbohydrates and refined sugars from our diet for (at least) 10 days. And she even gave us her favorite recipe: an Asian bowl made of tuna, Brussels sprouts , zucchini strips, avocado, yellow pepper, cauliflower and grilled rice.

What do we think? Consume less sugars on a daily basis, we say “yes”: an excessively sweet diet promotes the storage of fat in fatty tissues (thighs, buttocks, stomach …) and can, in the long run, lead to the appearance of certain diseases ( type 2 diabetes , cardiovascular disorders, hypertension , liver problems …). Eating less sweet is therefore both good for health and for the line.

But beware of excess: no question of completely eliminating sugars and carbohydrates from our plate! Because, according to a study presented in August 2018 at the Congress of the European Cardiology Society in Munich (in Germany), a diet low in carbohydrates but rich in proteins and fats would increase the risks of developing cardiovascular pathology, cancer or even … dying prematurely. In short, before embarking on a   drastic ” anti-sugar detox “, we ask the advice of a doctor-nutritionist!

For Jennifer Lopez, a “homemade” plate if nothing!

In an interview with US Weekly magazine in January 2016, Jennifer Lopez confided in her food … and it exudes common sense! Overview :

  • For breakfast, the star puts on a homemade protein drink. Her favorite recipe: a nice spoonful of sunflower seed butter (a peanut butter substitute for peanut allergy sufferers) + a crushed banana + a spoonful of chocolate flavored protein powder. Perfect for avoiding the 11 o’clock snack , the very one that leads to devastating snacking .
  • For lunch, J-Lo stays light: grilled salmon + salad with vegetables, pan-fried broccoli, peppers and zucchini with a drizzle of olive oil, or coleslaw vinaigrette with grilled pumpkin seeds.
  • In the event of a craving, Jennifer Lopez bets on dried fruits , crunchy vegetables, cereals … or on a square of dark chocolate , her cute sins!
  • For dinner, it’s protein galore: la bomba latina admits to loving pork and chicken ”  especially cooked in a Puerto Rican style  “. As an accompaniment: quinoa or sweet potatoes. Healthy and delicious.

Her slimming tip? Prefer home-made as much as possible . An excellent idea since industrial foods (understand: “ready-made” sauces, dishes that just need to be reheated in the microwave, cookies under vacuum …) too often contain hidden sugars, excess salt and / or additives that are as harmful to the line as they are to health.

Dance, yoga, bodybuilding … Jennifer Lopez does sports too

We suspect: the dream silhouette of Jennifer Lopez is not (only) due to her diet. The star is also sporty! She compels 3 or 4 sports sessions per week, just after breakfast, according to US Weekly.

  • Dance. Unsurprisingly, J-Lo is above all a dancer: we remain in awe of her millimeter choreographies which mix hip-hop, breakdance and Latin rhythms … Dance, a sport that boosts self-confidence and burns also calories: on average 300 Kcal per hour. When do we get started?
  • Bodybuilding. To maintain her (famous) curves, Jennifer Lopez does bodybuilding using dumbbells of about 1.5 kilos and exercises that specifically target the muscles of the buttocks and thighs. In the absence of a sports coach at home ( Alex Rodriguez is no longer available …), we will rather turn to squats , the ideal exercise to display a firm and plump buttocks.
  • Yoga. It is “the” discipline to adopt to have a firm but slender figure: if yoga does not burn hundreds of calories, it helps us to look thinner, improves our endurance and increases our flexibility. J-Lo, she let herself be tempted!

And also: according to an interview with People magazine in December 2018, to stay slim at almost 50, Jennifer Lopez drinks a lot of water, sleeps between 7 and 9 hours every night, avoids caffeine at all costs (she drinks only decaffeinated coffee) and regularly practices mindfulness meditation . Tips that you can easily adopt on a daily basis.

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