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Carrots, zucchini: 8 vegetables to make “healthy” fries

Consumed in high doses, classic fries could have a harmful impact on our health. However, many vegetables can replace the classic potatoes to make healthier fries.

Crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, the fries are delicious to accompany a hamburger or the classic Sunday chicken. However, in large quantities these are very caloric and bad for our organism.

In 2018, a study published in the New York Times alerted over-consumption of French fries. A nutrition professor at Harvard University, Éric Rimm notably reminded us of the harmful effects of potato fries on our health. Compared to other green vegetables, potatoes have fewer nutrients . They are also less rich in iron.

According to the researcher, adding salt, sauce or even oil would turn the fries into a “weapon of food destruction”. In addition, the fries contain a high glycemic index which would increase the risks of obesity , cardiovascular diseases and diabetes .

In the study, Éric Rimm advised to reduce the consumption of fries. For him, the ideal plate turns out to be composed of six fries accompanied by a green salad. He also recommends limiting overdose of sauces.

Pumpkin, eggplant, celeriac … what are the healthy foods to make fries?
Several vegetables can replace potatoes to prepare healthier and healthier fries. We find in particular zucchini , eggplant or celeriac.

In addition to being low in calories, the turnip promotes the proper functioning of the immune system, provides a real boost of energy and improves the absorption of iron. It turns out to be a very good ally for more balanced fries.

Very useful for conversing a wasp size, celeriac is low in calories because it reduces the feeling of hunger and promotes regular transit .

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