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BYE BYE back pain: 4 exercises to do at home!

With our sedentary lifestyle, we spend the majority of our time sitting and not necessarily in an ideal position for our back. Result: back pain, posture problem and risk of injury. In fact, back pain is one of the main causes of disability at work and is also one of the main reasons for consulting a general practitioner.

So yes, visits to the physiotherapist can cure the symptoms but very often a lasting solution is within your reach by incorporating some regular exercises to do at home, without equipment. Talk to your doctor, who will identify the cause of your condition and tell you if you can try it.

Here are 4 very effective exercises to do anywhere. Simple and requiring no equipment, you will have no excuses!

1- Bird Dog

This exercise is excellent for working the whole body but especially the back muscles and the abdominals. During the execution, take your time and take good care of your posture. Contract the abs, back and glutes. Watch the video.

Video demonstration:

2- Pilates Swimming

Here is another very complete exercise which also requires an effort of coordination of the arms and legs.

Excellent for strengthening the lower back and toning the back and gluteal muscles, this exercise is daily and very effective.

Video demonstration:

3- Superman

Besides strengthening the back muscles, this exercise also works on flexibility. If the first few times, it is not possible for you to lift your chest and legs at the same time. Start by straightening only the bust, and progress slowly.

Video demonstration:

4- Single Leg Romanian Deadlift

This exercise is excellent for working on your balance while strengthening the majority of large muscle groups (back, abs, glutes, thighs). Proceed slowly starting without load to progress slowly:

Video demonstration:

Keep in mind that the back muscles are involved in most daily movements, when you move the bust, arms , shoulders , neck …  Strengthening the back muscles  will allow you to move safely in everyday life and therefore improve your mobility and your figure.

Obviously, it is also important to work on your lap belt. The abdominal muscles also help maintain the spine and improve posture.

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