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Bring Fitness to your Front Room

The excuses exist “not enough time” “to busy” “drying my hair.” All valid but not the truth. In life you need to make time to exercise. You get one body so look after it and live by the old saying ‘healthy body healthy mind.’

Its all well and good having a lovely gym environment to train in and the time to do so but when restraints get in the way whether it is financial, logistics, work or family life what are the options?

With the emergence of YouTube, Instagram and Facebook to mention a few of the platforms used to promote fitness in vlogs, tutorials and written workouts its never been easier to exercise anywhere and anytime.

Few words of advice find reputable trainers or industry professionals to follow. As a general rule the explanations of workouts, nutrition plans and technique focus is greatly enhanced in these accounts.

Check testimonials for individuals also to look into history of results and see if the styles of training and exercise regimes suit your needs and wants.

Always remember to complete a pulse raiser, cool down and stretching as part of every session you do to ensure lower risk of injury and DOMS (delayed onset muscular soreness) the following 24-48 hours.

There are thousands of short hit and high intensity workouts that are extremely beneficial but also be aware to look into flexibility, cardio, resistance and mobilisation workouts to compliment your overall routine.

Finally recording your workouts.

There is so much technology out there when it comes to health and fitness in the form of apps or wearable tech to help keep logs of training sessions and record progress. It gives you great feedback in the form of heart rate zones; calories burnt, steps completed and distance travelled etc. It is a great innovation and will only help aid and motivate you to reach you goals and objectives.

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