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Bodybuilding: 3 tips to improve your workouts and your routine

If you are looking for some good tips for a bodybuilding routine, you should read this article now. Building and gaining muscle is not easy, yet it is a simple process. Some people write training routines that look like routines straight from NASA, and yet there is no need. Follow the3 tips outlined below to start building muscle now and improve your workouts and bodybuilding routine .

A good routine muscu in 3 points!

A good muscu routine is not just being regular in your sessions, even if it’s important. Rules are to be respected, and that it pass in 3 points, which we will enunciate below, accompanied of course some tips.

Progressive resistance

The progressive resistance is the most important factor in any program of training . You must always add more weight to the bar. Or do more rehearsals at each session, otherwise, you are only maintaining your current size and strength levels. Recording your sets, repetitions, and weights in a notebook is a good way to ensure that you are following progressive resistance.

Do well and vary the repetitions

It is important to use a wide range of repetition to continually make gains in size and strength.If you stick to the same repetition range all the time (like 3 × 10), your body will adapt to that and the progress will stop. Working in lower repetition areas (like 5 × 5) will promote strength increases. That will help build more muscle size by using more weight.

Never the same training sessions

As already stated, your muscles adapt quickly to a workout routine. Therefore, it is important to change your program every 3 weeks or more. This will prevent muscle adaptation and trays. A good way to do this is to use lower repetition ranges and more sets for 3 weeks. For example 5 × 5, this will improve your strength levels. Then follow this with more repetitions and lower sets like 3 × 10. This will work towards muscle size.

In conclusion !

Following the 3 tips outlined will certainly help you improve your bodybuilding workout routine , but most importantly will make you progress much faster. If you want to increase your size and strength level beyond your current level.

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