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Between excess and guilt: 3 tips to spend the holidays with confidence

Is your fear of seeing all the efforts made during the last few months flying away during this period of festivities, does it almost prevent you from enjoying these precious moments?

With meals, outings and invitations coming and going, the fear of losing control can actually become a source of stress and anxiety. Because for many people, the holidays rhyme with excess and guilt. So how is it possible to let go and reconnect with the joy of the moment? Here are 3 tips to help you get there:

  • Eat mindfully:

During this period, tell yourself that it is not a question of living in frustration but rather of being more attentive to your needs.

– Listen to the internal signals your body is sending you and its needs. Eat when you are hungry and stop when you are full.

– Nourish your body and your mind with all its senses: explore, savor, taste! How? ‘Or’ What ? Be in the moment, know how to appreciate the crunch of a crunchy bite, the pleasant texture of the melting chocolate in the mouth and the pretty assortments of colors on your plate. Try to prioritize quality over quantity and take the time to savor.

– Avoid the thought of “all or nothing”. Just because you ate a chocolate fondant doesn’t mean that your day and your week are wasted!

  • Maintain your routine:

If you believe that not having lunch because you are invited to dinner is an effective strategy, think again! When you arrive at dinner on an empty stomach, you are much more likely to succumb to all temptations. Better to eat your usual meals and work on eating “mindfully”. It is much easier to listen to our internal signals when our hunger is moderate.

  • move:

The holiday season rhymes for many with holidays, so take advantage of it, you have more time! Put on your basquets and presto! Walk at least 30 minutes daily.

To finish, even if you made a little excess during the Holidays, remember that ultimately what matters is not what you do during this fortnight or so but all the rest of the year.

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