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At what rate and how regularly should a sport be played?

It’s never easy to find the perfect timing to train and get in shape. We often wonder how many times a week does it take to train, how often to repeat the exercise sessions, and so on. So, here is a little recommendation that I dedicate specifically for you.

The American Association for Heart Disease Studies published in 2007 recommendations on physical activity for adults, children and the elderly.

First of all, for adults, a physical activity varying, at least, between 5 to 7 times per month of endurance is necessary according to your availability. A 30-minute walk, accompanied by a repetitive muscle exercise 8 to 12 times, will make a perfect combination to find the shape. Do not forget the stretching sessions at the beginning and end of each physical activity.

For children, in addition to daily games and errands, it is best to have a moderate physical activity of 60 minutes a day. They can add in their list the bike, the collective sports such as football on the lawn of your garden …

For people over 65, it is advisable to practice moderate, non-accentuated physical activity. In fact, they can also take advantage of different everyday tasks in order to keep fit (gardening and housework). In addition, it is preferable that they prioritize relaxation activities to maintain flexibility and avoid bodybuilding as much as possible. A long walk of 30 to 45 minutes would be perfect to strengthen the cardiovascular system. Choose especially in the morning to enjoy the fresh air at the same time, so work more on your breathing.

Be fit and stay zen by playing sports according to your physical condition. Also, follow the tips and tricks to find the right timing to stay in shape.

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