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A series of slimming exercises as part of a daily routine

To lose weight and stay in good shape dieting is not enough! Physical activity is a real driver but also a real plus to get rid of the pounds that poison your life. We have put together a series of simple exercises for you to do at home. Perfect for busy women!

To carry out these exercises at home, no need to invest in equipment. 1.5l bottles of water, a floor mat and a jump rope will do the trick. When women are asked what hinders them from getting into sport, they often say the same thing: “ I don’t have time! ”. Difficult indeed to free up time in an often very busy daily life. Doing these exercises will not take you more than 15 minutes. It will be enough to get up a little earlier and you will be reboosted for the day!

Exercise number 1: a little jump rope for cardio

Nothing like optimizing the results of a session than to start it with a good jump rope session. Even if it can be the subject of a sport session alone depending on the time you will devote to it. A practice that also helps tone the body (up and down!) But also improves endurance. However, be sure to seek the advice of your doctor if you have knee, hip or back problems.

We start the session gently with a step of relaxation step, also ideal to recover between exercises. It is enough for that to jump alternately on the left foot then on the right foot while making small jumps. 30 seconds of jumps, then 30 seconds of recovery for 3 minutes.
The more experienced can then move on to the “straight jump” which consists of jumping with feet together, tightening the legs and knees. The goal is to raise the knees as high as possible. 30 seconds of jumps, then 30 seconds of recovery for 3 minutes.
Exercise number 2: for the stomach, focus on the sheathing

Lie on your stomach and then take support on your toes, your forearms and your elbows. Maintain the position for one minute while tightening the abs. Be careful to keep your back straight and your head in alignment.
Lie on your back and place your hands under your neck. Bend your legs, keeping your heels firmly on the ground. Place your hands under your neck and then raise your chest 20 times by contracting your abs.
Lie flat on your back. Raise your legs to 90% then lower them again until the heels are close to the ground … then go back up! Repeat the exercise for 2 minutes.
Do not forget to hydrate yourself well during the session and remember to always have a KETO Bar Biocyte with chocolate near you . It will give you a little boost to end the session.

Exercise number 3: we refine the thighs and shape the buttocks

First very simple exercise, sit against a wall as if you were in a chair, keeping your back straight and at an angle of 90 °. Try to hold the position for 30 seconds. Then move on to a minute when you are more comfortable.
Let’s go for a series of squats for 1.30mn. An intense exercise that muscles the thighs and glutes. Stand up straight then bend your knees, pushing your buttocks back, return to the initial position. Your arms should be stretched out in front of you, your back straight and your abs tight.
We continue with a series of front lunges, the ideal exercise to gain and muscle the legs and buttocks. Legs apart at the width of the pelvis, back straight and hands on the legs, take a step forward by bending the legs along a vertical axis. You must then obtain an angl of 90 ° at the level of the bent knees. Then push on the leg to return to the original position. Repeat the exercise for 1 minute.

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