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I am often asked if there is anything to stay motivated. Of course, there are lots of little things that can help not get discouraged and push us to continue in the times when we least want it. That said, what makes all the difference is your general attitude. If you really want to adopt a healthy lifestyle and maintain it in the long term you have to learn how to:


Listen to your body and what it tells you. It may sound strange, but your body is talking to you. If you listen, you will better define your needs. In this way, you will be able to determine goals that are really in tune with your physical condition, your life, your state of mind and your personality in general. Once goals are set, you will be more motivated to put the effort necessary to achieve them. Listen to your current needs and stay attentive to their changes.

To be curious

Commit yourself to learn more about the training. Integrate this into your daily life to enrich your knowledge. You will see how this element will boost your motivation. Understanding why it is good to do this or that exercise, how to do it properly and what other people are doing has a very beneficial ripple effect. This curiosity to try new techniques, new devices and the exploration of this universe in perpetual evolution, will encourage you and reinforce your pleasure in each session.

To amuse you

Apprehend your workouts with a positive and playful state of mind. Be enthusiastic and mentally fit to have fun. There are a million ways to exercise. Find yours, the one that will make you have a good time, one that will make you want to go back. Tell yourself that every workout counts. Persevere long enough to start seeing the results on your body and feeling it in your mind. Once this stage is reached (and it happens fairly quickly), you will not want to stop!

You organize

Determine the time slots for training and do not change them. To ensure your attendance, consider these moments as sacred. As an important medical appointment which moreover has the advantage of being pleasant. No more excuses. No more cancellations. These sessions are a priority!

Rate and appreciate

Find the best way for you to follow and appreciate your evolution. Whether in a small notebook, using your watch or your smartphone, try to measure your efforts during each of your workouts. This will allow you to become aware of their importance and effectiveness. Know that the sense of competence is a powerful driver. Every little success will serve as your motivation for next time. And this is how gradually you will achieve your great goals, those that seemed unachievable.

Print this article or save it somewhere. Re-read it when you feel the need to boost your motivation.

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