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100% soup diet: the 3 main dangers of this extreme diet

Eating soup is good for your health and for the line! But can you eat only vegetables in liquid form to lose weight? No ! Explanations from Dr Nina Cohen-Koubi, doctor-nutritionist.

Everyone has heard of the famous (and disparaged!) Cabbage soup diet . There are several versions, but the principle always remains the same: eat cabbage soup for 3 to 7 days, combining – or not – other foods. The soup diet is based on the same principle and consists of eating vegetables in liquid form for several days.

If the consumption of soup can be interesting when it is combined with other foods and allows a varied diet, the monodet based on soups can have harmful consequences on health.

Danger # 1: deficiencies
A woman between the ages of 18 and 40 needs 1,800 calories per day to be fit and healthy. A varied diet including proteins , carbohydrates, mineral salts and vitamins is also necessary to ensure the proper functioning of the body.

Problem: the 100% soup diet provides only 500 to 1,000 calories a day at most, because the principle is to consume only vegetables . And if they are good for health, these foods are not enough to cover our needs!

Eating only soup can create protein, carbohydrate and even lipid deficits. Deficiencies which are not without consequences, since proteins contain amino acids, at the origin of synthesis of antibodies , cell renewal, hormonal balance, or even the enzymatic function, which makes it possible to digest well.

The carbohydrates are also an essential function: they are the main energy source of the brain. A low-carbohydrate diet therefore forces the body to draw on its reserves, which can have an impact on memory , cause concentration problems or even cause hypoglycaemia .

Lipids, on the other hand, have an important role to play on the brain, since they are involved in the mechanism of signal transmission between neurons .

Danger number 2: weariness
If eating is essential for living, a notion of pleasure is obviously associated with it. And for meals to be moments of well-being, all the senses must be alert, namely:

the view, thanks to varied, colorful and well-prepared plates;
the smell , thanks to the different aromas emanating from the plate;
taste, thanks to the flavor of the food found in the mouth;
touch, thanks to the texture and temperature of the food;
hearing, thanks to the sounds that food makes in the mouth during chewing.
With the 100% soup diet, the five senses are not very alert and chewing is absent. This mechanism is however essential when we eat, because it is it which starts digestion and which sends the signals of satiety to the brain. This redundant diet therefore ends up creating weariness.

Danger number 3: the yoyo effect and eating disorders
Adopting the 100% soup diet means drastically reducing your calorie intake. Inevitably, frustration sets in and the lack of other foods is felt. So many changes in our eating habits, which promote the phenomenon of compensation, and therefore weight gain .

But the return of the pounds is not the greatest danger of the 100% soup diet. This mode of eating can have even more serious consequences, and lead to eating disorders , in the form of reactive overeating, for example.

Soups: how to consume them well?
Extreme diets such as the 100% soup diet are strongly discouraged, especially since they do not take into account all the parameters responsible for weight gain as a whole. However, it is essential to treat the root of the overweight problem , which can have an emotional, affective or even drug-induced origin.

Soup can nevertheless be a real slimming ally if it is properly integrated into our diet, because it has many benefits:

it is eaten hot, and helps us warm up in winter;
it is hydrating, and can therefore be an alternative to plain water during a meal;
it is filling and helps us regulate our appetite.
To include soups in our diet , it is advisable to mix several vegetables, to take advantage of their different benefits, to make this soup an appetizer, to benefit from its satiating effect and, more generally, to adopt a balanced diet. .

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